Unable to purchase kindle books online


If you are using the Kindle reading app that does not mean you can buy books through it. In order to purchase the Kindle Books, you have to visit the Kindle Store. In the below segment we are providing some hassle-free instructions that will assist you to buy E-books from the Kindle store.

To purchase a Kindle Book you need to visit the Amazon Kindle store. There are a number of payment options and gift cards that you can use to purchase the Kindle Book.

Buy Kindle Book Online

To buy Kindle Book Online, you need to download the Safari Browser first.  Make sure that your device is properly connected to WIFI network. Without proper connectivity buying books is not possible.

  • Now start the process, open the Safari Browser and then visit the Kindle Store
  • In case you are having an iPad then you need to visit the Kindle store for iPad. iPhone or iTouch users need to visit iPhone or iTouch stores respectively.
  • Use your Amazon Store User details and Sign it to the Kindle Store. Details entered must be same as details you entered while registering on Kindle reading app
  • To complete the Sign In the procedure, hit on HELLO, Sign In tab
  • Now enter the credentials in the dialog box
  • Once you sign in, the homepage of Kindle Store will appear
  • Go to the search tab and enter the name of E-book you want to read
  • Once the book cover appears you need to press the ‘Buy Now with 1-click’ to get it.
  • Afterwards hit on reading Now tab. Once you hit the book will open in the Kindle app.

You Can Also Add The Books After Purchase To Your Kindle Cloud Reader And Then Download It When You Are Willing To Read It. For This, Here Are The Steps :

  • Start the procedure with opening the Safari Browser
  • Navigate through the Kindle eBooks page and then Log in to your Amazon Account by entering the login credentials
  • Enter the name of the book you want to get
  • If you wish to buy then hit on “deliver to” link afterward choose the “Kindle Cloud Reader” option from the drop-down list
  • Now you need to select and hit on “Buy Now with 1-click”
  • Thereafter go to the Kindle app and open it
  • Once the homepage of Kindle hit on the Cloud tab and search for the book you have bought
  • Select and hit on the book to download
  • The EBook will be downloaded and now you can start reading your book.

To read the books it is mandatory to purchase them. Once the purchasing is done you can easily read the books on your device. To download the book you need to go to the library and hit on the book cover. Our Kindle Support team want to remind you that you can only buy three Kindle EBooks at one time. And yes make sure that your device is properly connected to the internet.

Contact Kindle Support Team :

In case you get some problems then you can contact the Kindle Tech Support Executive. To get Kindle Help, you can dial the toll-free Kindle Support Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. Furthermore, you can also chat with the Kindle Help Executive by using the Chat Box option given as:

Kindle Support Executives are available 24*7 to solve your problem in real-time.


Kindle fire is not turning on

Kindle fire is not turning on

A kindle is great alternative to carry books. Kindle tablets have been the bestselling amazon devices and they run with android, the most popular operating system. Kindle fire popular among both kids and adult. Every kindle user has at least faced this problem in there kindle. Fortunately, there are some suggestion which can help you to solve your kindle problem. By following these simple steps you can easily fix your kindle problem.


Most of the time, when Kindle Won’t Turn no suddenly it turns off and is not damaged, It Creates a Lot of Frustration When this happen your kindle device do not work properly. Restating your kindle is the easiest way to solve this problem. This can be done by holding and pressing the switch off option for 20 seconds. Then hit the power button again and kindle will turn on. If still your kindle device is creating a problem then again press and hold the switch off option for 30 seconds.  In most of the cases you are able to solve the problem without any technician help.


Luckily, there are many ways to quickly determine the source of this problem and fix it.


Don’t assume that your battery is fully charged. Plug in your kindle device into a power source and leave it for a while.  After an half an hour, check your device is showing charging symbol. If battery was completely empty, it won’t show that it’s charging right away. You need to make sure that your charging cable is working properly. Try connecting the charger with different outlet or try to charge your device with laptop. Change the battery or charging cable if necessary.


If your kindle fire won’t turn on, try to reset it through the power button. Resetting will help you to restart your unresponsive Kindle Fire. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Press and hold the power button of your kindle device.
  • Keep holding the power button for 30 seconds
  • After 30 seconds release the power button
  • Again press the power button to restart your kindle device.
  • If your device turn on, you will see the start-up screen.



For some Kindle Fire 5th generation this solution has worked. This may not work for you but you should still try it.

  • Press the ‘POWER’ and ‘VOLUME DOWN’ button at the same time.
  • Hold them for 5 seconds
  • Your KINDLE FIRE device will turn on.


You can also restore and install latest version of software in your kindle device which is not opening through the recovery menu. This will factory reset your KINDLE FIRE and install the latest software through the recovery menu. Follow this simple steps to install latest version in your device.

  • Press “Volume Up” Button and Hold that and at the same Press “Power” Button for 10-40 Seconds.
  • Recovery Mode Appears
  • Install Latest Software

If Above Mentioned Solution Not Work, Call Our Customer Support

Kindle Tech Support Number:1-877-550-1655

By dialing the Kindle Tech Support Phone Number you will be able to get the real-time solution of your Problem. The Kindle Support Executives will not only help you to solve this particular problem but also provide solutions to other Kindle Problems. We are Available 24*7

Kindle device not charging

Kindle Device Not Charging :

From several Kindle issues, one major problem that users face is the Charging issue. When your Kindle won’t charge it becomes frustrating, right?? Well don’t worry here is the solution. If your Kindle device is not charging then you must try the below-given suggestions. Here we the Kindle support team have given some hassle-free suggestions that will assist you in resolving the charging issue in no time.

Following are the suggestions you can opt to get rid of the Kindle charging issue:

Connecting Power Cable :

First of all plug out the power cable and then plug it in again. Furthermore, disconnect the power cable from the Kindle device and then reconnect it again. Thereafter check the plug, is it properly inserted and supplying power to the device or not. Sometimes due to poor connection of the cable, the Kindle may create charging issues.

Restart the Kindle :

The second option you can try is unplugging the charging cable and restart your device. To restart the Kindle device you need to long press power button for at least 20 seconds. Sometimes the firmware or software minor issues of Kindle device gets resolve once you restart it.

Kindle Power Cable :

Check your Power cable. If your Power Cable has any cracks then replace it or try to use any other compatible cable.

Kindle Power Adapter :

After checking the power cable, go for the Power Adapter. Yes, check the Power adapter. Kindle Support team suggests you not to use any local adapter. Buy Kindle adaptor from Amazon only. If you are using any other Power Adapter then its white input must be 5.25V-Max500mA i.e. it requires a voltage under 5.25v.

Charging Port :

Check the Kindle device Charging Port. Sometimes due to loose or broken charging port, Kindle device not charge. If Kindle charging port has any cracks then repair it with Kindle Help experts.

Kindle Battery Broken :

If your Kindle is encountering frequent restart or charging issues that means the battery is damaged. This also happens when your Kindle device gets too old. If your Kindle device battery is too old or any damage is done in it then the charging issue will definitely happen. In such a situation, all you need to do is to replace the Kindle battery.

Dead Battery :

If you haven’t use your Kindle device for a long time that can lead your Battery to a dead situation. If your Kindle device battery is dead then charging will not happen even you plug the charger in. In this case, also you have to replace your Kindle battery.

Adjust Brightness/Volume level :

You must be thinking that it is a weird suggestion but yea there are several users who have stated that when they lowered the brightness and the volume level the Kindle device stop charging. So you can also try this one, maybe it works.

We hope with the help of above given suggesting you will be able to charge your Kindle device. If still, the problem persists you can call the Kindle Support Executive by dialing the toll-free number i.e. 1-877-550-1655

Kindle gets stuck on the start screen


You just turn on your Kindle to read your favorite book  and you see that your Kindle device freeze. Feels irritating, right?? Well, this is one of the most common Problems Kindle users face.

If you are also going through this same irritating situation then here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot the problem immediately. Our Kindle Tech Support Team assure you that after following these steps you will definitely be able to enjoy your Kindle Ebook Reading smoothly.

Kindle Help #1: Charge the Kindle Device Battery

First and the foremost solution you can opt to unfreeze the stuck screen is recharging the battery. Charge your battery for approximately an hour. Afterward check either your device is working again or not. Sometimes due to the low battery, the freezing problem occurs.

If your Kindle is freeze due to the low battery issue then charging the device can solve this problem and you will be able to read the E-books. In case this Kindle Help does not work then try the next one.

Kindle Help #2: Restart your Kindle device

In case the Kindle device still not work after following the above-given instruction then you should try to restart it once. To restart the Kindle Device you need to turn it off and then turn it on again. If you are using a Kindle Fire Tablet then you can restart the device by holding the power button and choosing the “Shut down” and “Power off” button from “Do you want to shut down your Fire “options. After hitting the tab wait for it to turn off completely.

Thereafter press the power button again and restart the Kindle Device. Once the Kindle Device is turn on select the “Home” to “Menu” and go to “Settings” options within the Menu. Then from “Settings” options select “Menu” and then “Restart”.

Kindle Help #3: Go for the Reset Option

If still, the problem persists, the Kindle Support Executives suggests you reset the Kindle Device. First of all, try the soft reset option. After completing the soft reset process check the device if it is working properly or not.

Soft Reset Procedure : For completing the Soft Reset slide the power switch and then release it. The LED switch will go off. Then slide the switch again and it will restart. If the soft reset option does not work then go for Hard Reset option.

Hard Reset Procedure : If you want to go for a Hard Reset then slide the power tab and hold it for around 20 seconds. After completion of 20 seconds release the slide tab. Once you release it the Kindle device will restart. Check your device and its working.

The last step you can follow to resolve the issue is choosing “Reset to Factory Defaults” option from “settings”. If you choose this option then your whole data will be deleted, but don’t worry you can restore it later from your Amazon Account.

These tips will help you to use the Kindle Device Again :

With the help of above-given instructions given by Kindle Help Executives, you will surely be able to get rid of the stuck problem. Still, if you need Kindle Support then you can try dialing the Kindle Tech Support Number.

Kindle Tech Support Number :

By dialing the Kindle Tech Support Phone Number you will be able to get the real-time solution of your Problem. The Kindle Support Executives will not only help you to solve this particular problem but also provide solutions to other Kindle Problems.

Kindle Tech Support Number :1-877-550-1655

The Kindle Help Number is toll-free and available 24*7. Instead of dialing the Kindle Support Number you can also use the Chat option available. To connect with Kindle Tech Support Executives through messages you need to hit on the Chat Box available at the right bottom of website i.e.

System not recognizing kindle device

The system not recognizing Kindle Device

If it happens that after connecting, the Kindle Device is not showing on PC then that means the system is not recognizing the device. Well in such situation you will definitely look for Kindle Support. But wait, before going for Kindle help, we suggest you check that either you connect your device properly or not. Furthermore, do not forget to check the framework.

Here are some factors that you need to look upon:

The hardware diagnose

Working status : first of all check the power and working of your computer and Kindle Device. Not only the computer but also the device must not be frozen stuck or hanged

Check USB Connection: check the USB Ports of your system. Well, there are two USB ports, one at backside and other at the front. Sometimes the front USB ports fail to detect the device, so you must check the USB ports given at the back side. After checking the ports, connect the Kindle device to it.

The software diagnose : After checking the ports, go through the software installed. Check either the soft wares are properly installed or not. In order to transfer data, you may be required to install some additional software to the device.

The device you may need to install on your system:

Mac OS  For  X 10.5 and above versions, you need to install “The free Android File Transfer application”
Windows XP For Windows XP, you need to install the “Windows Media Player 11”. To download the Windows Media Player 11 you can visit the link
Linux system   If you have a Linux system, then you need to install an MTP USB driver


Kindle Not Showing up on Windows

Once you are sure that the hardware and software of your system are in good condition to perform the task, you need to:

  • Restart the computer. Afterward restart the Kindle device too.
  • Unplug the USB wire and then connect it again
  • Once you complete the above-given instructions your system will be able to recognize and read the Kindle device.

Kindle Not showing up on Mac

If you are having a Mac system, and the Kindle device is not getting recognized by it then there are some instructions that you can follow:

Use the USB port and then connect the Kindle device to the Mac System

Go to the settings option available at the device and then go to Menu and then choose the Restart Kindle option

Settings > Menu > Restart Kindle.


Once you complete the procedure, your device will get restarted. In your Mac, the Kindle device will be shown as a USB Drive.

With the help of above-given instructions, you will be able to solve the Kindle problem easily. If still, the problem persists, then you may contact the Kindle Support Executives by dialing the Kindle customer support phone number 1-877-550-1655.

This Kindle Support number is available 24*7. Moreover, you don’t need to pay any charge for dialing the Kindle Helpline number. Furthermore, you can also use the chat box available at the website

Kindle is not turning on ?


If you are too in a mood to read your favourite eBook and suddenly find that Kindle Is Not Turning On, then what you will do?? Don’t know?? Well don’t worry, the solution is right here. Here are some of the solutions you can try to solve this problem in real-time.

Resetting your Kindle Device

Mostly it happens that instead of having any breakage, kindle gets stuck and that why it doesn’t start on. Due to getting stuck, the Kindle device gets locked up and does not work properly. If this problem occurs then, all you need to do is to reset your device.

To reset the device you need to press the power button for at least 20 seconds. Thereafter turn on the device again by pressing the power key again. Once this process completes, your Kindle device will start working properly again. If pressing the power button for 20 seconds doesn’t work then try holding it for 30 seconds. It will surely work.

Go for the Factory Reset Option

If after completing the soft reset procedure, the Kindle device does not turn on then you need to go for the hard reset i.e. the Factory Reset. If you choose the Factory Reset option, all the data and applications will be deleted from your device.

To factory reset, you need to go to Quick Settings option and then select “More”, “Device” and finally the “Reset to Factory Defaults” options consecutively. Once you complete the process, all the data available at the device will be deleted. For your knowledge, our Kindle support executives inform you that you don’t need to worry about the books you purchased because you can again download them from Amazon Cloud.

Replacing or recharging the battery of the Kindle

Sometimes due to a poor battery, the Kindle device stops turning on. In this case, you need to charge the Kindle device’s battery to get it to turn on. Just plug in your Kindle device to computer or laptop and leave it for about half an hour. Once the device battery charge, try to turn it on again.

If any problem occurs then try to reset the device. If still, the problem persists then that means your charger is having any breakage. Check the charger and if any problem appears then change it as soon as you can. You should not only check your charger but also the battery of the device. Sometimes due to a broken battery, the problem persists.

Enjoy reading once the Kindle is ON

With the help of above-given solutions, you will surely be able to turn on the Kindle device and enjoy your Ebooks. Still, if you face any sort of issue in your Kindle device then you may contact the Kindle support executives by dialing the Kindle Help Toll Free Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. You may also chat with the Kindle Support Executives by using the chat box available at Kindle support Website i.e.

Kindle can’t connect to wifi

Kindle Can’t Connect To WIFI :

Wish to spend some me time while sitting on the couch and reading e-books on your Kindle? But when you try to connect your Kindle you find that it is not connected. Feeling Disappointed??? If your Kindle is not connected to the internet you will not be able to read E books.

If you are stuck in the same situation then do not worry here is the simple solution to this problem. Instead of being annoyed and frustrated, you can follow the instructions given below and troubleshoot this irritating problem.

First of all, there are some measures you need to check :

Step.1: First and foremost step to follow is checking either you have entered a right WIFI password or not.

Step.2: Afterwards try to connect other devices to the same WIFI network and check either they are connected or not. If other devices are also not connecting then contact the Internet Service Provider.

Step.3: Do not forget to ensure that the Airplane mode of the device is off or not. The Airplane mode must be off. If it is on then swipe down the device’s screen and turn it off. Again try to connect to WIFI.

Steps To Troubleshoot The Problem Instantly :

  1. Turn off the WIFI connection and then restart it again by tapping the ON option
  2. If the problem still persists, then power off the device by long pressing the Power button up to at least 40 seconds
  3. Once the device is off, turn it on again
  4. You can also try to come closer to the router and check if the device is catching signal or not
  5. Scan for WIFI Servers by hitting the Scanning tab
  6. If still, nothing happens then, at last, you can do to go for “Add a WiFi network manually” option. These steps will surely help you in solving the problem.

Some Extra Troubleshooting Instructions :

The above-given steps will definitely be helpful. In case you didn’t get the appropriate solution then try to restart your Modem and Router. To restart the device, you need to unplug the Modem and Router for at least 30 seconds. After waiting for this period, plug the Modem in again.

Once the Modem power is on, plug your Router in. Wait for the device to turn on properly. You can also check if your wireless router is set to use the WiFi channels from 1-11. The last option left after following the instructions is contacting the internet service provider or provider of the wireless router.

Hope The Above Steps Will Help To Solve The Problem :

By using Kindle you can get access to several Ebooks just by sitting at one place. Kindle contains a wide range of Ebooks for people of any age including Children, adults and elderly age people. But sometimes due to some unwanted errors we need Amazon Kindle Help.

Amazon Kindle Support :

In order to provide real-time Amazon Kindle Support, there are several professionals who is just one call away. Yes to get Kindle Fire Support Or Kindle Fire Help you can contact the Kindle Tech Support Executive by simply dialing the Kindle Support Phone Number. Even after following all the instructions given here, you want to get professional Kindle Help then you must contact the Kindle Support Executive by dialing Toll-Free Kindle Tech Support Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655.

Amazon kindle cannot connect with computer

Amazon Kindle Cannot Connect with Computer

To transfer files from the Computer to the Amazon Kindle it is important to connect the device with the Computer, sometimes the Device not gets connected with the PC. Without getting connected it is impossible to transfer the files directly. Keeping the same situation in mind here we have given the detailed solution to your problem. Stay connected and avail real-time solution.

Your Amazon Kindle Device can’t connect with PC :

Is your Computer not recognizing your Kindle Fire while connected to USB??? Don’t worry here is the solution to your Amazon Kindle problem. Before heading towards the steps you must ensure that:

  • Your PC is switched on and not in Sleep Mode. When you connect your Amazon Kindle Set Up via USB, several drivers will get installed on your computer.
  • Check the USB Ports.If the Kindle Fire is not connected while inserting the USB in front port, then try to insert in the back side port. Sometimes the USB ports for external devices or the front of the desktop computer tower do not have enough power to recognize your Kindle Fire.

After ensuring the above-given steps move towards the next procedure :

From the below-given content, you will get to know about the steps to follow if your Kindle Fire is not connected to the PC. If you still have any doubt then you can take help from the Amazon Kindle Support Executive.

Make sure that your computer hasthe appropriate software installed :

You have to install special software for transferring content via USB. The Software will depend upon your Computers’ OS. You may install:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 and above :
  • Windows XP
    • Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
    • Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP – 64 Bit Version (less common)
  • Linux

If Still the Problem Persists :

After completing the above-given instructions if your Kindle Fire is still not connected, then you will be required to reset both your computer and the Kindle Fire.

To restart your Kindle Fire :

  • First of all hit on the Power button and press it for 40 seconds or until the device restarts automatically.
  • If Kindle Fire restart automatically within 40 seconds, then free the Power Button
  • Else if, continue pressing the Power Button until the device turns on.

Want to get Amazon Kindle Help from Tech Experts ??

After going through the above-given steps it will become easier for you to connect the Kindle Fire with Computer. Still, if you have any issue, then you may contact the Kindle Fire Support Executive by dialing the Kindle Support Phone Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. For further Amazon Kindle Help you can visit the website

We hope this article will be beneficial for you to solve your problems related to the Amazon Kindle device. If you want to ask any question in regard then you may write to us. Our experts will definitely help to solve the queries in real-time.

How to connect kindle fire to computer

Connect Kindle Fire to PC Steps on How to Connect Kindle Fire to Computer

Want to Connect Kindle Fire HD with PC but don’t know the exact procedure??? Do not panic here we have given the detailed illustration. With the below-given procedure, it will become easier for you to connect Kindle Fire to Mac.

kindle supportHow to Connect Kindle Fire to Computer?

Connecting the Kindle Fire to a Windows Computer:

Step 1: You can connect your Kindle Fire with the help of a micro-USB cable.

Step 2: Micro-USB cables not packaged with the Kindle Fire. You have to buy them separately.

Step 3: Slide the arrow from right to left to unlock your Kindle Fire device

Step 4: Wait for your while till your Computer accepts the Kindle Fire Recognizing request

Step 5: Once your computer recognized the Kindle fire a Pop-Up message will get displayed on your Screen

Step 6: Now you will get several options for managing the Kindle device

Step 7: Select and hit on “Open folder to view files” option

Step 8: A new page along with the stored information about your Kindle Fire will appear

Step 9: Use the Window Explorer and copy/paste files to the Kindle Device from the Computer Locations

Step 10: Once the transfer procedure completed, hit on the “Disconnect” tab available on the Kindle Fire Screen

Step 11: Remove the micro-USB cable from your Kindle

Step 12: The home screen of your Kindle Fire will display after exiting USB drive mode and be ready for use

If you want to connect the Kindle Fire Device with your Mac Computer, Here are some handy steps you can use to

Connect Kindle Fire to Mac OS X

  • If you want to connect your Kindle Fire with the MAC Computer then you can use the micro-USB cable
  • As we stated earlier, you have to buy a separate micro-USB cable it will not be packaged with the Amazon Kindle Fire device.
  • Unlock the Amazon Kindle Fire Set Up Device by sliding the arrow displayed on the screen from right to left direction
  • Once the device gets unlocked, your Mac computer will automatically recognize it. For that, you have to wait for a while.
  • Once the Kindle Device and Mac Computer Connected, “Kindle” icon will get displayed
  • To see the files and folders, you have to press the Kindle icon
  • Drag and drop files from the MAC Computer to the Kindle Device
  • To move the files you have to use the Finder Option
  • Once the transferring procedure is completed, close the Finder
  • Thereafter, press the “Control” tab presented at your Mac Keyboard
  • Again hit on the Kindle icon available at the desktop
  • Press “Eject” option from the Floating Menu bar
  • At last disconnect the Kindle Fire from the micro-USB cable
  • Now you can use the files transferred.

Amazon Kindle Support :

kindle help

After going through the above-given steps it will become easier for you to connect the Kindle Fire with Computer.Still, if you have any issue, then you may contact the Kindle Fire Support Executive by dialing the Kindle Support Phone Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. For further Amazon Kindle Help you can visit the website



How to reset kindle fire hd

Easy steps for Kindle Fire Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Kindle Fire is an electronic media tablet introduced by This device not only helps users to read their favorite stories but also let them watch their favorite videos. While using the Kindle Fire HD sometimes user experiences that it is not working properly or disturbance in connectivity etc.

If you are a Kindle user and facing such problem then you can contact Kindle Fire Support by dialing the Kindle Support Phone Number given below. Before asking for Kindle Helpyou can try to Reset Kindle Fire kindle help

In this article, you will get some handy steps that will assist you to Reset Kindle Fire HD. Moreover here we have also given the Toll-Free Amazon Kindle Support Number. The Amazon Kindle help is a 24*7 service through which one can get assisted about all the queries related to kindle.

How to Reset Kindle Fire HDkindle customer serviceThere are two types of Kindle Fire Reset:

  1. Soft Kindle Fire Reset
  2. Hard Kindle Fire Reset

kindle supportSoft Reset Kindle Fire

  • First of all, you should try the Soft Reset Kindle Fire HD, here are the instructions that you can follow to reset your Kindle Fire HD:
  • First of all Press the Kindle Fire HD Power Switch for at least 20 seconds
  • Slide the Kindle Fire HD Power Switch and before letting loose press it for the next 20 seconds
  • Once you so the same, the device will ask that either you want to reboot the Kindle or simply shut down the device
  • Release the Power Screen and then reboot screen will appear
  • Do not press any other key or switch it off
  • Once the reboot procedure is completed turn on your Kindle Fire HD

After completing the Soft Reset procedure, if the problem still persists then go for Kindle Fire Hard Reset.

Hard Reset Kindle Fire

Kindle Hard Reset is also known as the Kindle Factory Reset. To complete the Factory Kindle Reset procedure you have to follow the below-given instructions:

  • Start with swiping down the screen
  • Press “More” link available on the new display picture
  • Now select the Settings tab and then hit on Device option
  • Once you hit a new page will appear having “Reset to factory defaults” link
  • This option will delete whole personal data from the Amazon Kindle HD
  • Message displayed as: “You are about to reset your kindle”’

kindle fire support

  • Press the Continue tab
  • As a result, the Kindle Fire HD will start restoring
  • This procedure will take at least 01 to 02 minutes
  • Give the device its own time and it will be rebooted itself.

Kindle Support Phone Number

Even after completing the Rebooting procedure, if you didn’t get any solution then you may contact the Www Kindle Com Support and ask for Amazon Kindle Help. To get the Kindle Tech Support you have to dial the toll-free number i.e. 1-877-550-1655.

Through the Amazon Kindle Support Phone Number, you will not only get the Technical Support but can also avail details regarding the subscription plans.