Kindle device not charging

Kindle Device Not Charging :

From several Kindle issues, one major problem that users face is the Charging issue. When your Kindle won’t charge it becomes frustrating, right?? Well don’t worry here is the solution. If your Kindle device is not charging then you must try the below-given suggestions. Here we the Kindle support team have given some hassle-free suggestions that will assist you in resolving the charging issue in no time.

Following are the suggestions you can opt to get rid of the Kindle charging issue:

Connecting Power Cable :

First of all plug out the power cable and then plug it in again. Furthermore, disconnect the power cable from the Kindle device and then reconnect it again. Thereafter check the plug, is it properly inserted and supplying power to the device or not. Sometimes due to poor connection of the cable, the Kindle may create charging issues.

Restart the Kindle :

The second option you can try is unplugging the charging cable and restart your device. To restart the Kindle device you need to long press power button for at least 20 seconds. Sometimes the firmware or software minor issues of Kindle device gets resolve once you restart it.

Kindle Power Cable :

Check your Power cable. If your Power Cable has any cracks then replace it or try to use any other compatible cable.

Kindle Power Adapter :

After checking the power cable, go for the Power Adapter. Yes, check the Power adapter. Kindle Support team suggests you not to use any local adapter. Buy Kindle adaptor from Amazon only. If you are using any other Power Adapter then its white input must be 5.25V-Max500mA i.e. it requires a voltage under 5.25v.

Charging Port :

Check the Kindle device Charging Port. Sometimes due to loose or broken charging port, Kindle device not charge. If Kindle charging port has any cracks then repair it with Kindle Help experts.

Kindle Battery Broken :

If your Kindle is encountering frequent restart or charging issues that means the battery is damaged. This also happens when your Kindle device gets too old. If your Kindle device battery is too old or any damage is done in it then the charging issue will definitely happen. In such a situation, all you need to do is to replace the Kindle battery.

Dead Battery :

If you haven’t use your Kindle device for a long time that can lead your Battery to a dead situation. If your Kindle device battery is dead then charging will not happen even you plug the charger in. In this case, also you have to replace your Kindle battery.

Adjust Brightness/Volume level :

You must be thinking that it is a weird suggestion but yea there are several users who have stated that when they lowered the brightness and the volume level the Kindle device stop charging. So you can also try this one, maybe it works.

We hope with the help of above given suggesting you will be able to charge your Kindle device. If still, the problem persists you can call the Kindle Support Executive by dialing the toll-free number i.e. 1-877-550-1655