How to connect kindle fire to computer

Connect Kindle Fire to PC Steps on How to Connect Kindle Fire to Computer

Want to Connect Kindle Fire HD with PC but don’t know the exact procedure??? Do not panic here we have given the detailed illustration. With the below-given procedure, it will become easier for you to connect Kindle Fire to Mac.

kindle supportHow to Connect Kindle Fire to Computer?

Connecting the Kindle Fire to a Windows Computer:

Step 1: You can connect your Kindle Fire with the help of a micro-USB cable.

Step 2: Micro-USB cables not packaged with the Kindle Fire. You have to buy them separately.

Step 3: Slide the arrow from right to left to unlock your Kindle Fire device

Step 4: Wait for your while till your Computer accepts the Kindle Fire Recognizing request

Step 5: Once your computer recognized the Kindle fire a Pop-Up message will get displayed on your Screen

Step 6: Now you will get several options for managing the Kindle device

Step 7: Select and hit on “Open folder to view files” option

Step 8: A new page along with the stored information about your Kindle Fire will appear

Step 9: Use the Window Explorer and copy/paste files to the Kindle Device from the Computer Locations

Step 10: Once the transfer procedure completed, hit on the “Disconnect” tab available on the Kindle Fire Screen

Step 11: Remove the micro-USB cable from your Kindle

Step 12: The home screen of your Kindle Fire will display after exiting USB drive mode and be ready for use

If you want to connect the Kindle Fire Device with your Mac Computer, Here are some handy steps you can use to

Connect Kindle Fire to Mac OS X

  • If you want to connect your Kindle Fire with the MAC Computer then you can use the micro-USB cable
  • As we stated earlier, you have to buy a separate micro-USB cable it will not be packaged with the Amazon Kindle Fire device.
  • Unlock the Amazon Kindle Fire Set Up Device by sliding the arrow displayed on the screen from right to left direction
  • Once the device gets unlocked, your Mac computer will automatically recognize it. For that, you have to wait for a while.
  • Once the Kindle Device and Mac Computer Connected, “Kindle” icon will get displayed
  • To see the files and folders, you have to press the Kindle icon
  • Drag and drop files from the MAC Computer to the Kindle Device
  • To move the files you have to use the Finder Option
  • Once the transferring procedure is completed, close the Finder
  • Thereafter, press the “Control” tab presented at your Mac Keyboard
  • Again hit on the Kindle icon available at the desktop
  • Press “Eject” option from the Floating Menu bar
  • At last disconnect the Kindle Fire from the micro-USB cable
  • Now you can use the files transferred.

Amazon Kindle Support :

kindle help

After going through the above-given steps it will become easier for you to connect the Kindle Fire with Computer.Still, if you have any issue, then you may contact the Kindle Fire Support Executive by dialing the Kindle Support Phone Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. For further Amazon Kindle Help you can visit the website