How to connect Kindle fire to wifi

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How To Connect Kindle Fire To Wifi

After purchasing a Kindle and going through the wrapping of your wonderful new investment, the first thing you want to do is connect to the internet!

In case it isn’t obvious why, it is through the internet that you will be able to use and access your kindle features. These include downloading and updating your kindle software, browsing the web (in newer models) and of course, purchasing and downloading material to read or listen to.

Kindles can connect to home and office networks as well as to public access Wi-Fi. It is just a matter of setting it up and here’s how you do it!

The bare basics

1. Turn on your device.

2. To access quick settings, swipe down across your kindle screen.

3. Click on the wireless button/sign.

4. Make sure that airplane mode has not been turned on.

5. View available networks. Networks in the vicinity will be picked up by your kindle and should show as options.

6. Click on the network you wish to connect to.

7. A lock icon means you will need a password to access the network. Proceed if you do!

8. Open networks will be connected to simply by clicking. This being said, just make sure the public network you connect to is safe and trusted.

9. Once connected enjoy full access to all your devices features!

But it’s not working!

Sometimes, minor software or system glitches might cause your device to malfunction. Do not panic. We have listed a few ways you might be able to rectify this before looking into kindle customer support.

1. Make sure your selected network is functioning properly by checking to see if other devices connected to it have working internet access.

2. Turn airplane mode on and then off again to refresh networks.

3. Restart your device.

4. Restart your router. Often restarting your router does the trick!

5. Ensure that your kindle software is up to date. If not, it might be wise in the absence of internet access to contact a Kindle tech support rep.