How to reset your kindle fire

kindle reset

Before the advent of tablets and smartphones, the notion of reading a book without turning the pages was as inconceivable as tellingyour phoneto find the nearest Chipotle.

Technological innovation has single-handedly revolutionized the way we experience reality. From accessing international news on your fingertips tospeaking with a loved one thousands of miles away, the way we consume and share information on-the-go has invariably changedfor the better.

With budget being a big concern for many tech-savvy shoppers, the Kindle Fire offers a host of remarkable benefits at relatively affordable rates. Asamedia tablet for your favorite books, shows and gamingapps, it gives you a chance to do everything on one sleek and portable device with a small price tag.

Rekindle Your Kindle

As a family-friendly gadget, however, your Kindle may find its way to the hands of your children or friends, who may inadvertently mess with its settings. If you’re particularly protective of your device, you may still experience issues if your Amazon account is tampered with.

In any case, re-setting a Kindle Fire is definitely not as easy as restarting your computer. Here are a few precautionary tips to keep in mind before attempting the deed.

Backing Up Account Data

When going ahead with a “factory reset”, remember, you’re wiping out everything on your device. Yes, that includes the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Since your Amazon purchases are all synced to remote servers, you do not have to re-purchase any items. Without making copies of the content, however, you may lose all of it with a factory reset.

Step 1: Make sure your Kindle Fire is up to date.


Invest in a Storage Plan

Keep in mind that the automatic backup does not include personal photos, files and videos. Manage your storage on Amazon Drive; for $12 per year, you get access to 100GB.

That’s security worth investing in!

Step 2: Sync your photos, videos and content on Amazon Drive.

Set Cloud Preferences

Cloud Preferences

Before finally resetting your Kindle, take a moment to make sure that you’ve successfully backed up your account data and files.

Step 3: Customize your cloud settings and ensure easy accessibility to saved content.

Remember, once you reset your Kindle, there’s no going back. From game progress to account passwords, you will lose quite a bit, so double-check everything before you proceed.Once you’re ready, swipe down on the screen and go to Settings, Device Options, Reset to Factory Defaults, and hit Reset.

Congratulations—you’re all set, or rather, re-set!

When it comes to Kindle care, it pays to speak with a professional assistant.

Do not follow amateur advice online and exacerbate the problem. Call Amazon tech support toll-free at 1-877-550-1655 for 24/7 assistance!