Kindle is not turning on ?


If you are too in a mood to read your favourite eBook and suddenly find that Kindle Is Not Turning On, then what you will do?? Don’t know?? Well don’t worry, the solution is right here. Here are some of the solutions you can try to solve this problem in real-time.

Resetting your Kindle Device

Mostly it happens that instead of having any breakage, kindle gets stuck and that why it doesn’t start on. Due to getting stuck, the Kindle device gets locked up and does not work properly. If this problem occurs then, all you need to do is to reset your device.

To reset the device you need to press the power button for at least 20 seconds. Thereafter turn on the device again by pressing the power key again. Once this process completes, your Kindle device will start working properly again. If pressing the power button for 20 seconds doesn’t work then try holding it for 30 seconds. It will surely work.

Go for the Factory Reset Option

If after completing the soft reset procedure, the Kindle device does not turn on then you need to go for the hard reset i.e. the Factory Reset. If you choose the Factory Reset option, all the data and applications will be deleted from your device.

To factory reset, you need to go to Quick Settings option and then select “More”, “Device” and finally the “Reset to Factory Defaults” options consecutively. Once you complete the process, all the data available at the device will be deleted. For your knowledge, our Kindle support executives inform you that you don’t need to worry about the books you purchased because you can again download them from Amazon Cloud.

Replacing or recharging the battery of the Kindle

Sometimes due to a poor battery, the Kindle device stops turning on. In this case, you need to charge the Kindle device’s battery to get it to turn on. Just plug in your Kindle device to computer or laptop and leave it for about half an hour. Once the device battery charge, try to turn it on again.

If any problem occurs then try to reset the device. If still, the problem persists then that means your charger is having any breakage. Check the charger and if any problem appears then change it as soon as you can. You should not only check your charger but also the battery of the device. Sometimes due to a broken battery, the problem persists.

Enjoy reading once the Kindle is ON

With the help of above-given solutions, you will surely be able to turn on the Kindle device and enjoy your Ebooks. Still, if you face any sort of issue in your Kindle device then you may contact the Kindle support executives by dialing the Kindle Help Toll Free Number i.e. 1-877-550-1655. You may also chat with the Kindle Support Executives by using the chat box available at Kindle support Website i.e.