Kindle fire common problems and fixes


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Kindle Fire: Common Problems and Fixes

The Kindle Fire is a wonderful device. Combining the best of both worlds, (Kindles and Tablets), this device has already proven to be extremely successful. Regardless of what a great device it may be, like all electronics and technological gadgets, the kindle fire too might sometimes glitch.

This is usually no reason to panic however we often have no idea what to do when our technology messes up. For that reason, we figured we would highlight some common problems as well as possible fixes.
Won’t get started

The Kindle Fire sometimes acts up when it is turned on. Problems could include hanging or taking too long to start as well as not turning on altogether.

Possible fixes for this include:

1. Holding the start button. This needs to be done for twenty seconds. The power button is then released and tapped. If the device turns on, well and good.

2. If the above doesn’t help, the second possibility is to hold the power button for 20 seconds. This will kill all power. Proceed to plug in your device to the charger for a few minutes and then try turning it on again.
PC Connectivity

On occasion, the kindle fire can be troublesome with regard to PC connectivity. This will be when you have trouble moving files and material from your computer to your Kindle. Error messages include not responding or the device has stopped working. In both these situations, possible fixes include:

1. Restarting both devices (the kindle and the PC)

2. Replacing your data cable

3. Trying out a wireless data transfer option
Wi-Fi Connectivity

A common complaint but often the most easily self-solved one is Wi-Fi connectivity. This can occur for many reasons. Some fix options include:

1. Fully charge your device

2. Restart your kindle

3. Ensure that airplane mode is turned off in settings

4. Ensure the connection you are using is working okay
Input and Output

Sometimes you might have trouble typing or using your kindle touch screen. Others your headphones might not work. To remedy screen and type trouble, you could:

1 Clean your screen

2 Runa factory reset

3 Make sure that your device is sitting in the case the right way.
In the case of inactive audio:

1 Unplug and re-plug your speakers

2 Adjust the input jack a little

3 Check volume settings on your device

Please note, in both these cases, Kindle technical support might be the way to go. You do not want to further damage your Kindle Fire! Click here if you need tech support for your Kindle Fire!

Last, but not least on our list are battery issues. These could include a battery that drains too fast, charges too slowly or does not charge at all! Remedies here could include:

1. Turning off your device while you charge

2. Checking to make sure the charger is working

3. Checking if the charger fits snugly into the kindle charging port
Support Options

Above are commonly occurring kindle glitches. That being said, there are times when technical support is the safest and smartest way to go! If you are worried about what to do because your device is giving you trouble, we can help you out! Just get in touch!

support for kindle

Support Options

Above are commonly occurring kindle glitches. That being said, there are times when technical support is the safest and smartest way to go! If you are worried about what to do because your device is giving you trouble, we can help you out! Just get in touch!

How to reset your kindle fire

kindle reset

Before the advent of tablets and smartphones, the notion of reading a book without turning the pages was as inconceivable as tellingyour phoneto find the nearest Chipotle.

Technological innovation has single-handedly revolutionized the way we experience reality. From accessing international news on your fingertips tospeaking with a loved one thousands of miles away, the way we consume and share information on-the-go has invariably changedfor the better.

With budget being a big concern for many tech-savvy shoppers, the Kindle Fire offers a host of remarkable benefits at relatively affordable rates. Asamedia tablet for your favorite books, shows and gamingapps, it gives you a chance to do everything on one sleek and portable device with a small price tag.

Rekindle Your Kindle

As a family-friendly gadget, however, your Kindle may find its way to the hands of your children or friends, who may inadvertently mess with its settings. If you’re particularly protective of your device, you may still experience issues if your Amazon account is tampered with.

In any case, re-setting a Kindle Fire is definitely not as easy as restarting your computer. Here are a few precautionary tips to keep in mind before attempting the deed.

Backing Up Account Data

When going ahead with a “factory reset”, remember, you’re wiping out everything on your device. Yes, that includes the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Since your Amazon purchases are all synced to remote servers, you do not have to re-purchase any items. Without making copies of the content, however, you may lose all of it with a factory reset.

Step 1: Make sure your Kindle Fire is up to date.


Invest in a Storage Plan

Keep in mind that the automatic backup does not include personal photos, files and videos. Manage your storage on Amazon Drive; for $12 per year, you get access to 100GB.

That’s security worth investing in!

Step 2: Sync your photos, videos and content on Amazon Drive.

Set Cloud Preferences

Cloud Preferences

Before finally resetting your Kindle, take a moment to make sure that you’ve successfully backed up your account data and files.

Step 3: Customize your cloud settings and ensure easy accessibility to saved content.

Remember, once you reset your Kindle, there’s no going back. From game progress to account passwords, you will lose quite a bit, so double-check everything before you proceed.Once you’re ready, swipe down on the screen and go to Settings, Device Options, Reset to Factory Defaults, and hit Reset.

Congratulations—you’re all set, or rather, re-set!

When it comes to Kindle care, it pays to speak with a professional assistant.

Do not follow amateur advice online and exacerbate the problem. Call Amazon tech support toll-free at 1-877-550-1655 for 24/7 assistance!

How to connect Kindle fire to wifi

kindle reset

How To Connect Kindle Fire To Wifi

After purchasing a Kindle and going through the wrapping of your wonderful new investment, the first thing you want to do is connect to the internet!

In case it isn’t obvious why, it is through the internet that you will be able to use and access your kindle features. These include downloading and updating your kindle software, browsing the web (in newer models) and of course, purchasing and downloading material to read or listen to.

Kindles can connect to home and office networks as well as to public access Wi-Fi. It is just a matter of setting it up and here’s how you do it!

The bare basics

1. Turn on your device.

2. To access quick settings, swipe down across your kindle screen.

3. Click on the wireless button/sign.

4. Make sure that airplane mode has not been turned on.

5. View available networks. Networks in the vicinity will be picked up by your kindle and should show as options.

6. Click on the network you wish to connect to.

7. A lock icon means you will need a password to access the network. Proceed if you do!

8. Open networks will be connected to simply by clicking. This being said, just make sure the public network you connect to is safe and trusted.

9. Once connected enjoy full access to all your devices features!

But it’s not working!

Sometimes, minor software or system glitches might cause your device to malfunction. Do not panic. We have listed a few ways you might be able to rectify this before looking into kindle customer support.

1. Make sure your selected network is functioning properly by checking to see if other devices connected to it have working internet access.

2. Turn airplane mode on and then off again to refresh networks.

3. Restart your device.

4. Restart your router. Often restarting your router does the trick!

5. Ensure that your kindle software is up to date. If not, it might be wise in the absence of internet access to contact a Kindle tech support rep.